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Is Keto The Answer?

18 Sep

What is the keto diet? Chances are you’ve heard of the ketogenic diet by now.  The keto diet is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. There is a time and a place for a keto diet, but is it the right nutrition approach for everyone?  Absolutely not!

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The Essential Movement Patterns

11 Sep

A well-designed resistance training program incorporates a variety of movement patterns to create structural balance. Here are the six essential movement patters you can expect to find in an OPEX Gym near you.

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It's Not Gluten's Fault

04 Sep

Gluten-free diets are all the rage. The letters “gf” have become ubiquitous on restaurant menus and grocery stores are littered with gluten-free options, from cauliflower crusts to cookies. But it may not actually be gluten that is causing you to feel ill.

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5 Reasons You Need a Coach

28 Aug

In OPEX Gyms every single client is matched with their own personal coach. Regardless of your starting point and your goals, the fastest way to achieve success is through personalized fitness.

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Is Personal Training Worth It?

23 Aug

In this article, we take a bit more human approach to help you determine how much personal training and your personal trainer are worth to you. Because that is so unique to each person, we want to give you a formula of sorts to determine how much you value personal training. That way, you can be confident whether personal training is worth it for you or not.

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What Are You Training For?

23 Aug

Have you ever stopped to think, “What am I training for?” It is common knowledge that exercise is something we “should” do because it’s good for us. But through experience coaching many thousands of clients, we know that “should” is not a strong enough reason to keep you inspired to workout when life gets busy or stressful.

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Why We Love Aerobic Training

14 Aug

Aerobic training is an important part of any OPEX program. From an evolutionary perspective, as humans, we are made to travel long distances and sustain work for an extended period of time. Whether your goals are longevity and vitality, increased strength, or improved endurance, individualized aerobic work has a host of health and performance benefits. 

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Do Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals Align?

07 Aug

It is common for clients to come to us with specific goals in mind. While it is good to have specific short-term goals as they aid in inspiration, it's also important to make sure that your short-term and long-term goals align.

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We’re Here When the Newbie Gains Wear Off

31 Jul

Been hitting the gym on a regular basis for a few months now and feeling great about it? As you should! Unfortunately, these incredible newbie gains, as they’ve become known, are inevitably short-lived. Thankfully, we’re here when the newbie gains wear off.

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Personal Training vs. An OPEX Gym

26 Jul

When it comes to personalized fitness you have two choices. Personal training and personalized fitness through an OPEX Gym. Learn the differences and why we prefer an OPEX Gym.

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Unpopular Opinion - It Depends

17 Jul

Many gyms promise to be the solution you’ve been looking for all your life. The truth is that what you need depends on you. It’s relative to your unique body and life. 

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Higher-Order Nutrition

10 Jul

At OPEX Gyms we don’t buy into diet dogma. Instead, we teach our clients how to embrace higher-order nutrition. So what’s higher-order nutrition? It’s nourishing your body with foods and habits that help you live your definition of a larger life. 

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Drink Water

03 Jul

Do you want better performance, recovery, sleep and energy levels? Drink more water!

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The Journey to Fitness Autonomy

26 Jun

It may sound a little strange, but at OPEX Gyms our goal is for you to reach the point where you don’t need us anymore. Our ideal journey for you as an OPEX client is to learn and internalize the behaviors and tools that will help you live long and prosper so that you develop autonomy over your health.

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What Are Macronutrients

19 Jun

Macronutrients supply the body with calories. Different foods contain varied ratios of the three macronutrients–fat, protein and carbohydrate. Understanding why each macro is important and what kinds of foods contain large amounts of them will help you put together meals that support your body composition, performance and health goals.

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Eat the Rainbow

06 Jun

Eat the Rainbow. It’s no secret that vegetables are good for us. Eating a diverse array of colorful veggies is a great way to boost your intake of fiber, a variety of micronutrients and phytonutrients. OPEX Gyms provide personalized nutrition coaching, but one thing every client can benefit from is eating the rainbow!

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Step-by-Step: What It Looks like to Be a Client of an OPEX Gym

06 Jun

Step-by-Step: What It Looks like to Be a Client of an OPEX Gym. You will be teamed up with a professional coach—someone who has been through the comprehensive OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)—to meet you exactly where you’re at in this moment of time, mentally and physically.

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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

29 May

We all know that working out offers a host of physical benefits, but did you know that it can also nurture a healthy mind?

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We Know Why You Can’t Sleep

22 May

The greatest workout is only as effective as your ability to recover from it, and the most important factor in your recovery is sleep. Sleep-wake cycles are in our DNA. Honoring them is essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing. We are wired to sleep with the moon and rise with the sun – our natural circadian rhythm.

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Strength Training for Women

17 May

The tides are slowly starting to turn, but too many ladies are still shying away from lifting weights. In this blog we’re going to address three common fears that stop women from using barbells and dumbbells, and six amazing reasons to embrace resistance training.

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The Best of Both Worlds

09 May

Over the past 20 years, the OPEX method was developed through the coaching experience of our Founder, James Fitzgerald. James has worked with thousands of clients in both personal training and group fitness environments, and eventually created his own approach to fitness by blending the positives of these two worlds.

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What is Progress?

01 May

Progress in the fitness world is typically measured by lifting heavier, losing pounds or running faster. But not all goals are so quantifiable. In OPEX Gyms, we look beyond just the barbell, the scale and the timer when tracking progress.

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Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

24 Apr

There is an important distinction between approaching life with a fixed versus a growth mindset. The former limits progress, while the latter fuels it. Having a growth mindset is integral to seeking progress. Those with this approach to the world see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Easy Swaps

18 Apr

It is a common nutrition myth that to make progress, you need to make big changes. Learn how OPEX Coaches uses small swaps to make a big impact on the nutrient density of your meals while making it easier to remain compliant.

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How Much Body Fat Is Healthy?

10 Apr

Body fat is typically perceived to be unhealthy, and excess body fat can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Leanness, on the other hand, is celebrated as healthy and beautiful. So how much body fat is actually healthy?

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Zoning in vs Zoning out

04 Apr

We encourage our clients to zone in by using deliberate practice when they are training. This will mean something different for everyone and for each session, but broadly, it means to keep the intent of the workout front of mind as you do it. OPEX coaches are experts at communicating this intent to their clients through consultations, TrueCoach notes and on the floor, so the purpose of their workouts is always clear.

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A Community of Individuals

29 Mar

At OPEX Gyms, you always get a program designed specifically for you. You form a strong relationship with your personal coach, who assesses and consults with you one-on-one on a regular basis. When you workout, you will know that you are doing the best possible training for your body and goals. You will never get lost in the shuffle of a group class, or feel pressure to keep up with anyone but yourself.

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Assess, Don’t Guess.

20 Mar

Your fitness journey at OPEX begins with an assessment. The OPEX Body. Move. Work. (BMW) assessment allows your coach to develop a clear understanding of your starting point, so they can design a program that meets you where you’re at.

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10 Things That Matter Before Macros

13 Mar

How does nutrition make you feel? Can you recognize any behaviors that you have created around food? There is a huge emotional component to nutrition for many people that should not be ignored. You must recognize potentially self-sabotaging behaviors and ‘triggers’ if you want to create positive and lasting change.

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Sustainable Fitness

08 Mar

In an OPEX Gym your personalized program doesn’t just begin and end at the gym doors. A truly sustainable program must align movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. Enter the OPEX Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs), simple lifestyle behaviors that set a solid foundation for your training.

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Always Seek Progress

01 Mar

OPEX Gyms strive to always seek progress for their clients, by never allowing complacency to set in. Regular feedback, through assessments and consultation, ensures that your program progresses with your life.

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Welcome to OPEX Gyms

18 Feb

Welcome to OPEXGyms.com, connecting our worldwide network of OPEX Gyms, and the coaches and clients that train within them.

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