5 Reasons Why Fitness Needs to be Personalized

5 Reasons Why Fitness Needs to be Personalized

5 Reasons Why Fitness Needs to be Personalized

All it takes is a quick Google search to find thousands of free workouts.

But are these workouts effective, and will they help you reach your fitness goals?

Often the answer is no.

Random workouts lead to random results. 

At OPEX Gyms, we offer personalized fitness. We believe it’s the best way to achieve your goals, experience fitness, and stay consistent for years to come. To back up this belief, here are five reasons why fitness needs to be personalized.

5 Reasons Why Fitness Needs to be Personalized

1. Everyone Has Unique Capabilities and Starting Point

The first reason why fitness needs to be personalized is that everyone has unique capabilities and starting points. 

Our coaches take this into account and personalize your fitness program. If you’re new to fitness, your workouts will look a lot different than someone who has been doing it for years on end, and that’s a good thing. 

Programs designed for your ability will help you progress faster, keep you engaged, and reduce your risk of injury. 

2. Specific Goals Require Specific Programs

Specific goals require specific programs. If you want to get your first pull-up, you need a program that will build your vertical pulling strength. 

If you want to change your body composition, you need a program that focuses on gaining muscle, or if you want to run a 10k, you need a program that builds your aerobic capacity.

We believe fitness needs to be personalized so you can accomplish whatever goal you have in mind. This extends to nutrition and lifestyle outside of the gym too.

At our gyms, during your monthly consultation with your coach, you’ll have the opportunity to express your goals. Your coach will then design a program to reflect that.

3. Everyone Responds Differently to Exercise and Nutrition

Everyone responds differently to exercise and nutrition, and thus your programs need to reflect that. Some individuals can train back-to-back days with no problem, while others need a rest day in between sessions. 

Some clients will thrive on 400 grams of carbs a day, while others may only need 150. 

Every individual adapts to exercise at a different rate, based on experience, age, lifestyle, and genetics.

Your coach will watch you, see how you respond to these factors, and work with you to create an optimized program based on how you respond to exercise and nutrition.

4. Life Throws Curveballs

During the year, something will inevitably come up and throw a curveball your way. A wedding will pop up, you’ll get sick, or another life event will rear its head, and you’ll miss a training week,

Thankfully, personalized fitness is highly adaptable. Suppose you miss a week or a session, no sweat. Your coach will continue the progression next week or help you modify it to fit your changing schedule.

Even better, this lets you plan your life and adapt your training accordingly. Are you going on vacation? Your coach can program a nice mix of simple hotel workouts and morning walk to keep you moving wherever you are in the world.

5. Ideal Fitness is Different for Everyone

Everyone has their own ideal version of fitness. Someone may want to train five days a week in the gym, while another may only want to train two days a week and ride their bike on the other days.

No matter what it is, personalized fitness supports your ideal version of fitness. During your consultation, you’ll sit down with your coach and talk about your goals and how you want to experience fitness. Then, your coach will create a plan to reach your goals and support your ideals.

Personalized Fitness = The Best Results

Why do you participate in fitness?

Is it to achieve a certain goal or to live a healthier life?

No matter what your answer is, we encourage you to find your ideal version of fitness.

We believe that ideal is achieved through personalized fitness. Find an OPEX Gym near you today and start working with a coach who will design your fitness program around your wants, needs, and goals.

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