Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Cardio gets a bad rap.

If you listen closely at big box gyms, chances are you’ll hear someone complaining about having to do cardio or see a “running sucks” t-shirt.

But you won’t hear that kind of talk around OPEX Gyms! We love cardio, or as we call it, aerobic training, for some very good reasons.

Here are seven reasons why we love aerobic training and why you should too.

Seven Reasons We Love Aerobic Training

1) It Promotes Cardiovascular Efficiency and Health

Aerobic training uses your cardiovascular energy system. The more you use it, the more efficient it becomes. A more efficient cardiovascular system will better prepare you for the rigors of life, whether it be going for a hike or chasing your kids. If you don’t use it, you lose it, and regular aerobic training will help you maintain cardiovascular health for life.

2) Creates Efficient Respiration

Aerobic training teaches you how to breathe. We know this may sound redundant, but riding the bike, walking, or rowing for an extended period teaches you to efficiently breathe at the same rate you’re working and use oxygen to support your activity. Breathing is as vital to supporting a healthy life as it gets!

3) Blood Flow

Blood flow is one of our favorite benefits of aerobic exercise. It helps with recovery and overall wellness. So the next time you are sore from a heavy day of resistance training, do some easy aerobic training the next day. You’ll be feeling great in no time.

4) Promotes Insulin Sensitivity and Blood Sugar Regulation

Aerobic training is great for developing better metabolic health. Recent studies have shown how regular physical activity reduces the risk of insulin resistance, metabolic health, and type 2 diabetes, and improves insulin sensitivity. 

5) It Can Improve Body Composition

Aerobic training is a simple way to improve your body composition. It burns calories, helps with how you respond to insulin, and promotes blood flow to all of your organs. To see the best results from this we recommend pairing aerobic training with resistance activities, great lifestyle habits, and a healthy diet. An OPEX Coach can help you align these pillars of health.

6) Improves Movement Efficiency and Function

Have you ever felt out of breath after an activity? That is the cardiovascular system in use. All movement requires the cardiovascular system, and aerobic training will improve how efficiently you move. After a couple of weeks of consistent training, you will find yourself moving easier than ever before and inspired to continue for a lifetime.

7) Sense of Wellness

Lastly, aerobic training contributes to a sense of wellness. Chances are that during your training will feel more present and reap the benefits of unplugging. After, you’ll feel a sense of wellness that you are actively taking care of yourself.

Want to try out aerobic training for yourself, in a safe and progressive way that is tailored to your starting point? Find an OPEX Gym near you today and work with a coach to build your aerobic system.

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