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We believe fitness can be a powerful medium for discovering fulfillment in all areas of our life. By connecting to our physical bodies, we connect with what it means to truly live.

OPEX Gyms Movement


It's a hard path to walk alone, and we know that strong relationships drive results. A professional coach and a supportive community provide the intricate balance of support and challenge that is essential for lifelong growth.

OPEX Gyms Coaching


You are born to move, but your training can't just begin and end at the gym doors. Our all-encompassing approach addresses the the very foundations of your lifestyle in pursuit of your success.

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  • "With OPEX, you’re putting your money, time and energy into something that works. It’s direct, it has a purpose, and it gets you amazing results."

    Yafa El Fateh
    OPEX Gyms Yafa El Fateh
  • "I used to get super frustrated and upset that I wasn’t able to do things. It was really hard on me, my entire outlook has changed now. I’m just a happier person overall."

    Michael Boice
    OPEX Gyms Michael Boice
  • "It’s really awesome because it’s just me against me. I love going in and knowing what my goals are and beating myself. I’m just so proud to represent OPEX. I wear the t-shirt all the time. It’s the training that I need."

    Nicole Chambers
    OPEX Gyms Nicole Chambers


Experience OPEX Gyms

You're either moving or you're dying

Today's sedentary lifestyles ignore our biological imperative to move. We believe fitness can be a powerful medium for discovering fulfillment in all areas of our life. By connecting to our physical bodies, we connect with what it means to truly live.

But delivering fitness that enables people to live a larger life is no small task, and most of the fitness industry falls catastrophically short, sometimes doing more harm than good.

Programs designed for everybody are actually designed for nobody

Many gyms and bootcamps attempt to solve this problem by offering group workouts designed for "everyone", in turn serving no one specifically, and offering little to no time for a coaching relationship to develop. Personal Training provides a one-to-one touch but is not cost effective and lacks education, empowerment, or guidance for your life outside the gym.

Success through a strong coach-client relationship

Our method sees you as the individual that you are, and drives you towards success through real human-to-human connection. From forming a thriving coach + client relationship, to delivering a program designed specifically for you, the OPEX method considers the nuances of your lifestyle and brings you the results you want.

Fitness designed for YOU!

To invite you to experience this game-changing way to train, we've packed this trial offer with tons of value and no commitment, so you can try OPEX without risk.

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    Got Questions?

    • How long will my assessment take?

      Your 3-part assessment is done in 3 1-on-1 sessions. Depending on your schedule, we could complete this assessment in 3-7 days.

    • How quickly will I receive my training program?

      After your assessment, we will get right into your training!

    • How do I access my training?

      We use the training delivery software TrueCoach. Your training will be delivered to you through a mobile app, here you will review, perform and update your training utilizing the app.

    • How do I communicate with my coach?

      You will not only communicate with your coach through TrueCoach, but also on the gym floor and in your monthly consultations.

    • Can I use the gym whenever I want?

      Yes, you can train on your schedule during coached floor times throughout the day.

    • Will there be a coach on the gym floor to help me?

      Absolutely! The coach on the floor is a big part of our service offering. You will never have to train without a coach on the floor.

    • What happens when I complete the four week trial?

      After you complete the trial, you and your coach will sit down to discuss how the 4 weeks went, how your training program was built off of your goals and assessment and give you the opportunity to continue training with us.

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