Resist Entropy

Resist Entropy

Resist Entropy

Resist Entropy

The aging process is an inevitable part of life. We all have a “peak” for physical performance within us, and at some point, we switch from climbing towards it to heading down the other side.

Some of the negative physical effects of aging include:

  1. Metabolic syndrome and risk indicators including obesity, insulin resistance, decreased ability to use nutrients, increased blood pressure, and increased cholesterol. 
  2. Osteopenia (loss of bone density)
  3. Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass)

While we will all reach a point where entropy is unavoidable, there are certain lifestyle behaviors that can have a significant positive impact on resisting these negative physical effects that don’t include pharmaceuticals. 

1) Sweat daily

Walking, biking, swimming, jogging, stretching, or moving in some way, every day, has a host of health benefits. Aerobic training improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, promotes the movement of lymph and blood, improves capillary density, and strengthens mitochondrial density. All of these positive effects are hugely beneficial for guarding against metabolic syndrome. Daily low-level aerobic exercise also helps maintain a functional range of motion and the ability to keep up the activities you love. As they say, use it or lose it! 

2) Do resistance training

Regular strength training has the greatest impact on preventing osteopenia and sarcopenia. The compressive force of loading your body with exercises like squats can increase and maintain bone density. The tension of lifting weights through a full and safe range of motion has positive effects on muscle mass and the resilience of soft tissues. 

3) Find a rhythm

The prevalence of insomnia and trouble sleeping increases with aging and can have a negative impact on longevity, with sleep deprivation a risk factor for many health problems. Being in tune with your circadian rhythm and honoring sleep hygiene practices can go a long way in establishing quality sleep and good energy patterns. No one feels like hitting the gym after a bad night of sleep!

4) Fuel your brain and body

Eating foods that support good mental acuity and your daily activities is essential to keep you feeling your best as you age. Hydration, an array of colorful vegetables, adequate protein, high quality fats, and nutrient dense foods, all play a crucial role in preventing the negative physical effects of aging. Regular consumption of foods that fall outside the bucket of fueling your brain and your body to perform at their best increase inflammation and can speed up the decline. 

Every client who comes to an OPEX Gym, whether they’re 20 years old or approaching 80, is prescribed these four pillars of longevity. Find an OPEX Gym near you and work with your own personal coach to help you resist entropy with daily movement, resistance training, rhythm, and nutrition. 

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