Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Why We Love Aerobic Training

Aerobic training is an important part of any OPEX program. From an evolutionary perspective, as humans, we are made to travel long distances and sustain work for an extended period of time. Whether your goals are longevity and vitality, increased strength, or improved endurance, individualized aerobic work has a host of health and performance benefits. 

Aerobic training will look different from one OPEX client to the next, but there is one thing that every aerobic program has in common–it is performed at a sustainable pace. This means that you can sustain the power output that you are working at for the duration of your workout. You could probably even rest a short while and do that same work again! 

You may finish a more intense aerobic session breathing, but it shouldn’t leave you spread out on the floor panting and in a world of pain. More intense conditioning moves from the aerobic energy system to the glycolytic energy system, which, put simply, means your workout is unsustainable and you are relying on sugars, and not oxygen, for fuel. To experience the benefits below, make sure you keep your aerobic work sustainable!

So why are we big fans of aerobic training?

  • Aerobic training moves blood and lymph to enhance detoxification and improve nutrient delivery. 
  • Aerobic training improves the efficiency of heart and lungs.
  • Aerobic training lowers blood pressure.
  • Aerobic training regulates blood sugar.
  • Aerobic training aids sleep.
  • Aerobic training improves mental acuity.
  • Aerobic training boosts your mood.
  • Aerobic training strengthens the immune system.
  • Aerobic training improves recovery from your strength training between sets within a session and from session to session. 

Are those good enough reasons to start incorporating aerobic training in your workout routine?

Now you know the benefits, how do you get started with aerobic training?

A popular and fun form of aerobic training we use at OPEX Gyms is “Around the World.” This involved moving from station to station at a sustainable rate. 

For example:

6 rounds

1 minute Row

1 minute Bike

1 minute Ski

1 minute Jump Rope

1 minute Farmer’s Carry

OPEX Coaches are masters at progressing the aerobic system and know how to match your aerobic training with your strength training, so that they enhance and don’t detract from one another. Best practices include starting with longer and slower aerobic work before moving to any faster intervals, choosing cyclical activities like biking, rowing or running before incorporating weights and gymnastics exercises, and ensuring repeatability before progressing to a faster pace.

These are good principles to follow, but at the end of the day, everyone’s aerobic work needs to reflect their assessment results, goals, other training and lifestyle. That is why your OPEX Gyms experience begins with a thorough consultation and a test of your aerobic system, so that your OPEX Coach can design an aerobic program that is right for you. 

Want to understand and develop your aerobic capacity, or just live a longer and healthier life? Schedule an initial consultation at an OPEX Gym near you!

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