How to Balance Your Stress

How to Balance Your Stress

How to Balance Your Stress

How’s your stress balance? 

There are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to balance your stress and rest appropriately. 

So what exactly does that mean?

The Stress Bucket

To explain this concept, we use the stress bucket analogy.

If you picture a bucket, there’s only a certain amount of liquid you can add to it before it overflows.

Now picture the bucket. All the stressors in your life are water. Stressors can include work, exercise, emotions, travel, poor diet, alcohol, fatigue, and environment. ⁠

Stressors will slowly start to fill your bucket. Once it overflows, your resilience lowers, leaving you burnt out and exhausted.

But thankfully, relaxing activities reduce the liquid in your bucket and create a buffer.  

Restful activities include recreation, laughing, meditating, sleep, mindful eating, and gentle⁠ activity. Whatever makes you calm and happy.⁠

But life is busy, and stressors are part of it, so how does one balance their stress bucket?

How to Balance Your Stress Bucket

Ideally, balance means about 60% stress & 40% rest. 

So out of 24 hours, 9-10 hours should be spent on restful activities. 

Easy ways to get in more restful activities include:

This will help you leave plenty of room in your bucket for when an unexpected stressor rears its head.

Struggling to Manage Your Stress Bucket?

Managing your stress bucket isn’t easy.

Some stressors are a necessary part of life, and others are even enjoyable.

Before you know it, you can find yourself out of balance and overwhelmed.

Our coaches can help you find balance. They will create a personalized exercise and lifestyle program for your specific needs that will help balance stress and rest. 

Join an OPEX Gym near you today and find your balance.

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