Drink Water

Drink Water

Drink Water

Drink Water

Do you want better performance, recovery, sleep and energy levels? Drink more water!

It might sound simple, but you’d be surprised to know how many clients walk through our doors who are chronically dehydrated. That’s why it’s one of the first behaviors we help create–without consistent hydration you’ll seriously undermine the results you get from your training.

Here are 5 reasons to drink water:

  1. Maximize your efficiency

Dehydration causes a lack of mental acuity and feeling of grogginess upon waking and throughout the day. It can also be the culprit for negative moods and cause an easily elevated heart rate during simple activity. 

  1. Reduce bloating

Chronic dehydration can cause your body to hold on to excess water out of desperation, making you look puffy and bloated. 

  1. Improve digestion

Water is essential to proper gastrointestinal function, your body’s natural detoxification abilities and to prevent constipation. It is also responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients into your cells, so you can utilize the nutrients you consume. 

  1. Physical performance

Losing as little as 2% of your body’s water can negatively impact performance. Dehydration can cause sluggishness, cramping and diminish strength and endurance. Be sure to sip extra water around your workout to make up for what you sweat out.

  1. Assist weight loss

Drinking water can help increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate, two big benefits if you’re trying to lose weight. Opting for water over sugary juices and sweetened beverages means you won’t end up drinking your calories, and your calorie-free beverage will be optimal for hydration. Try drinking a big glass of water 30 minutes before your meals to help prevent overeating.  

Now you know why it’s important, we challenge you to drink ½ your body weight in oz of water every day. Please note that this is a starting point, and your environment, activity level, and nutrition may mean you need more water for optimal hydration. 

Here are some creative ways you can making drinking water a habit:

  • Drink a glass of water immediately upon waking to kick your day off well-hydrated.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle with you everywhere. Bonus points for opting for glass over plastics to minimize toxins. 
  • Keep a refillable bottle on your desk at work.
  • Try habit-stacking. Every time you check your email or Instagram, take a sip. 
  • Sip, don’t chug.
  • Opt for room temperature over ice cold for better absorption.
  • Drink a cup 30 minutes before or after each meal, but avoid drinking while eating. This helps you focus on chewing your food and creating saliva for better digestion, rather than washing down each bite. 
  • Set achievable goals. If you’ve been drinking 16oz, trying to jump right to 80oz might be a recipe for failure. Instead, set a goal of 24oz every day for a week, then 36oz, then 48oz and so on, making sure you’re consistently successful before moving on. 

The human body is amazingly comprised of 60% water–it’s no surprise that good hydration is essential for us to look and feel our best. 

If you’re struggling to drink enough water then find someone who can keep you accountable until the behavior is second nature. An OPEX Coach can do just that, with a personalized program tailored to the behaviors you need to work on the most. 

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