The Fitness Success Pyramid

The Fitness Success Pyramid

The Fitness Success Pyramid

The fitness industry is confusing. Trends come and go like the changing tide. Without guidance, it can be a challenge to reach your fitness goals.

To point you in the right direction, we created the fitness success pyramid. A framework, that when followed exactly, will help you achieve your fitness goals. So sit back and learn the four parts of the pyramid and why you need to follow it.

Fitness Success Pyramid

1. The Coach-Client Relationship

When driving to a new destination we all use some form of a map. Your fitness goals are no different—you need a guide. That’s why the bottom of the pyramid is the coach-client relationship. 

When you walk into an OPEX gym, you get your very own coach. This coach will work with you for the duration of your fitness journey and guide you to your goals. Over time, the two of you will learn to understand each other and that’s where the magic begins. Your coach will create programs that mesh perfectly with your motivations and help craft a lifestyle conducive to your goals. What’s more, they’ll be a source of support and accountability through the inevitable challenges along the way.

2. Lifestyle

With a strong relationship as the foundation, you and your coach can turn your attention to the second part of the pyramid, your lifestyle. 

In this step focus on consistent healthy habits. You want to learn how to balance work and rest, create a consistent energy pattern throughout the day, find a daily rhythm that works well for you, and establish the purpose behind your goals.

Once you have created a consistent lifestyle you can feel confident that your behaviors throughout the day will support what is to come: nutrition and training.

3. Nutrition

The third step in the pyramid is nutrition. 

First, you and your coach will focus on food quality. Consuming quality foods throughout the day will give you the energy needed to reach your goals. Once you are consistent with your food quality you will focus more on the specifics of food quantity to support your goals. Both food quality and quantity are important, but we tend to focus on quality first to ensure you’re getting the micronutrients you need.

4. Training

Now with the foundation in place, you can feel confident that your training and recovery are well supported. 

Your coach will create an exercise program specifically for you. It will take into account your abilities and goals. The program will be a mix of resistance training and aerobic training to make you well-rounded and ready to take on life!

Once you reach the top of the pyramid, your goals will become a reality. But remember, it’s not just the training that got you there, it’s the foundation of a great relationship with your coach and a consistent quality lifestyle and nutrition.

Interested in starting your own journey to build your fitness success pyramid? Find an OPEX Gym near you and get started today.

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