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Experience fitness designed for you

OPEX is more than just an hour in the gym. It's an individualized fitness + lifestyle prescription that moves with your life.

Based on science and designed for the busy lifestyle of today, it's the clearest path from where you are to where you want to go.

What is OPEX?

Training for lifelong results

What training at OPEX looks like for you, in 5 easy steps

1: Consultation
2: Assessment
3: Training
4: Lifestyle
5: Results
  • OPEX Gyms Process Step 1

    Step 1


    Our consultation is about YOU. You’ll sit down with a professional coach monthly and will discuss where you’re at, where you want to go, and what specific fitness and lifestyle solutions will be implemented to take the next step in your journey.
    Step 2
  • OPEX Gyms Process Step 2

    Step 2


    Over 3 sessions, your very own professional coach will take you through our OPEX BMW (Body, Movement, and Work Capacity) Assessment to establish a baseline to work from.
    Step 3
  • OPEX Gyms Process Step 3

    Step 3


    Train at an OPEX Gym when it suits you. All of your sessions are done under the watchful eye of skilled coaches and amongst welcoming, like-minded individuals.
    Step 4
  • OPEX Gyms Process Step 4

    Step 4


    The gym is only 1 hour of your day. What happens in the other 23 hours? Optimizing your nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery helps us maximize the results you get from your time in the gym.
    Step 5
  • OPEX Gyms Process Step 5

    Step 5


    Our coaches don’t just talk about results, they deliver them. We help define what fitness means to you, and evolve your goals and training as you grow. Meeting one-on-one to align, review progress, and game plan next steps will become a regular part of your OPEX experience.
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The Science & Philosophy behind the OPEX method

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Go deep on WHY we design all-encompassing fitness the way we do and how it leads to a larger, more fulfilling life for you.
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