5 Things We Know for Sure About Strength Training

5 Things We Know for Sure About Strength Training

5 Things We Know for Sure About Strength Training

Strength training is a staple in all OPEX Gyms.

You may be surprised to learn that strength training isn’t just about building muscle or lifting heavy weights.

There are other benefits associated with strength training, such as improved immune function and bone health.

Here are some lesser known facts of strength training. 

5 Things We Know for Sure About Strength Training 

1. It’s Great for Bone Health

As we age, the chance of us developing osteopenia, the loss of bone density, increases. Strength training is a great way to fight against this possibility. 

Lifting weights puts our body under new compression and tension forces. These forces cause the body to adapt and increase bone density, ultimately resisting osteopenia.

You don’t even have to work out every day to see these results. Training two to three days a week is enough to promote better bone health.

2. It Improves Your Immune Function

The second benefit to strength training is that it improves your immune function.

A healthy amount of muscle mass can protect against chronic diseases and support a stronger immune response. One of the best ways to maintain muscle mass is through regular strength training.

Further, when your blood flows, and you sweat, you remove toxins from your system.  Training also improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, promotes the movement of lymph and blood, improves capillary density, and strengthens mitochondrial density. 

These effects improve how well your immune system will function across your lifespan.

3. It’s Functional

Strength training is as functional as fitness gets.

When you lift weights using the primal movement patterns, you get better at those movements. This movement efficiency carries over to your daily life. Your deadlifts will help you pick up your suitcases from the ground. Your core exercises will build your postural endurance and help you stand for hours on end. 

Lifting weights prepares you for whatever your function is in daily life.

4. It Aids Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Fourthly, it aids in weight loss and muscle gain. 

Strength training supports weight loss as it burns calories inside and outside of the gym. As you use your muscles in the gym, you burn calories and tear muscle fibers. Outside the gym, you continue to burn calories as you heal those muscle fibers. 

As an extra bang for your buck, not only are you burning calories, but those muscle fibers will grow back stronger, giving you more muscle mass. 

5. Everyone Should Do It in Some Form

Strength training has many benefits. 

We believe that everyone should do it in some form, whether it’s two days of full-body resistance training a week or a five-day upper and lower body split.

But what’s the best strength training program for you? 

Everyone is different, and the best program depends on your experience, goals, and lifestyle. That’s why our OPEX Coaches start every new program with an assessment to determine the most effective program for your needs.

Find an OPEX Gym near you today and start reaping the benefits of strength training with an effective exercise program. 

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