What Are You Training For?

What Are You Training For?

What Are You Training For?

What Are You Training For?

Have you ever stopped to think, “What am I training for?” It is common knowledge that exercise is something we “should” do because it’s good for us. But through experience coaching many thousands of clients, we know that “should” is not a strong enough reason to keep you inspired to workout when life gets busy or stressful.

One of the most powerful things our coaches can do is help you to connect with your “why.” 

This goes deeper than wanting a stronger squat, a lower body fat percentage or a faster mile time. It’s understanding what those things mean to you and your definition of a larger life.

For 95% of our clients, living life means being able to do the activities they love outside of the gym, feeling great energy and mental acuity, spending quality time with their friends and family, being successful in their careers, feeling comfortable and in charge of their physical bodies, and having all these things for the rest of their long and happy lives.

An OPEX Coach can be the mirror that helps you reflect on what your purpose for training is. Only you can come up with that answer, but they will certainly be there to help you navigate.

Once you have your “why,” then the fun begins! Training is no longer something you “should” do, it’s something that you’re inspired to do because you know it’s helping you live life to the fullest. 

It is important for your OPEX Coach to know your “why,” so that they can design a program that appropriately challenges and progresses you for a lifetime. They can give you the right prescription, and you can give your training the right intent, because you both know the big picture that you’re working towards.

We have seen an aha moment for our clients, time and time again, when they realize that if it’s health and vitality for a lifetime that they are chasing, then what matters above all else is consistency.

They are able to lose the “30-day challenge” mindset that is rife in the fitness industry, and instead approach their training in a way that will let them continue to progress for as long as possible, and resist decline when the inevitable aging process kicks in. 

OPEX clients learn to balance harder efforts with easier ones, play the long-game in strength and skill development, and incorporate some movement into their lifestyle every day. They train in a way that gives them energy for their life outside of the gym walls, rather than adding stress and overreaching with a “no pain, no gain” mentality.

Our clients keep coming back, day after day, month after month, year after year. They can do so because they are inspired by their “why”, and our coaches program training, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that are aligned with helping them achieve it. OPEX training builds you up to support you through your life, rather than beating you down for the sake of intensity. 

So what are you training for? It’s okay if you’re not sure yet. Most OPEX clients take some time to develop a clear purpose, but they get there eventually through one-one-one consultations and conversations with their coach. Find an OPEX Gym near you, and join a fitness community that is committed to helping you uncover and train for your “why!”

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