The Fitness Assessment

The Fitness Assessment

The Fitness Assessment

Every time a new client begins at one of our gyms, their first and second session is always a fitness assessment.

Why start with an assessment, you may ask?

Every client who steps foot into an OPEX Gym gets a fitness program designed specifically for them. The assessment gives their coach data on their current abilities, highlighting where the program should begin.

Today we will walk you through our three-step assessment, so you know exactly what to expect when you walk into any OPEX Gym.

Why Assess?

First, let’s talk about why we need to assess fitness in the first place. 

OPEX Gyms differ from other gyms because we offer personalized fitness. In our model, you work one-on-one with your own coach for as long as you’re in our facility. This coach creates a training program specifically for you every week, addressing your schedule needs, capabilities, and goals.

Like we mentioned earlier, for your coach to create the most effective program possible, they need to understand you. They use the assessment to gain this understanding. Our three-part assessment looks at body composition, movement ability, and work capacity, giving your coach all of the data they need to create a bespoke program. 

The 3 Part OPEX Assessment

1) Body Composition

First, your coach will assess your body composition. The InBody machine makes this process simple and noninvasive. After the assessment is complete, InBody will print a body analysis sheet containing your body composition data. Now with this data, you and your coach have metrics you can use to track your progress.

2) Movement Assessment

Following the body composition assessment is the movement assessment. Here your coach will take you through several different movements and ask you to complete them to a certain standard. Your coach is looking at your mobility, core endurance, and movement pattern quality and identifying any deficiencies they will address in your exercise program.

3) Work Capacity Assessment

Lastly, your coach will assess your work capacity. In this initial assessment you will perform the 10 Minute Max Calories on the AirBike test. Your goals and capabilities may require more extensive work capacity testing beyond this.

For the AirBike test, your coach will demonstrate how the AirBike works and set it up for you. Once you’re set up and comfortable on the bike they will start a clock and say go. Over the 10 minutes, you’ll work to get as many calories as possible.

The results from this test give your coach an inside look into your work capacity, showing them what needs improvement and what you’re already great at. There’s no right or wrong score–just your personal effort to improve over time.

4) It’s Time to Train

Once the assessment is complete your coach will use the data to design a training program specifically for you. However, the assessment doesn’t stop here. Every few months your coach will reassess certain areas of your fitness to track progress and to ensure your program is still as effective as ever.

Now It’s Time for Your Assessment

Our coaches assess your abilities because they are here for one reason, to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The data from the assessment helps them create the most effective exercise program for you.

Give yourself the best chance of reaching your fitness goals and start working with a coach at an OPEX Gym near you!

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