Our Favorite Aerobic Workouts

Our Favorite Aerobic Workouts

Our Favorite Aerobic Workouts

Our Favorite Aerobic Workouts

There’s an endless number of cardio machines out there, but at OPEX Gyms around the world there’s a few options that are staples. 

Here are 5 of our favorite aerobic options and why they might feature in your individually designed OPEX exercise program. 

The AirRunner

The AirRunner is a non-motorized treadmill that is powered by your running stride. It’s a great tool that allows you to run all year round in cold climates and that effectively tracks pace, distance, and time. We like it over conventional treadmills because the design improves running form and is great for teaching it. The AirRunner lowers impact, increases efficiency, and decreases asymmetries when compared with running outside or on other treadmills. It’s also a valuable tool for performing the most primal movement, walking! Learn how to improve your form on the AirRunner here.

Sample AirRunner Workout:


2 minutes Run @85% effort

2 minutes Rest

The Airbike

If there’s one favorite piece of cardio equipment in OPEX Gyms it’s the Airbike. It’s used for aerobic and anaerobic testing, along with regular day to day training. One of the best things about the Airbike is that it’s mechanically simple so anyone can do it. It is also easy on the joints because it requires no eccentric/deceleration. Both your legs and arms join the party on their Airbike thanks to the handles, and you can control the resistance with your pedaling thanks to the fan, making it far more challenging than a regular spin bike.

Sample Airbike Workout:


15 cal Airbike @56 RPM

1 min Rest

The Ski Erg

The Ski Erg is aerobic work that targets the upper body. It adds fun variety to any program, is low impact, and great to work around lower body injuries or fatigue. The Ski Erg works the lats, triceps, abdominals, pecs, biceps, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Learn how to improve your Ski Erg workouts here.

Sample Ski Erg Workout:


1000m Ski 

Rest time equal to work

The Rower

The Concept2 Rower is a great full body and low impact aerobic workout. It is a little more technically challenging than the Airbike but learning proper form will pay off. It works the lats and upper back, glutes, quads, and calves. It may appear like most of the work is done by pulling with the arms, but efficient rowing technique is powered by a strong leg drive. Of all cardio equipment, we find the rower has the best metrics for measuring work and results. Learn more about the Concept2 Rower here.

Sample Rower Workout:


500m Row @2000m pace

2 min rest

The Metcon

The Metcon is a circuit-style aerobic work that can combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and aerobic equipment. It can be a fun and challenging way to do aerobic work but it is for more advanced trainees because it is harder to pace than just doing aerobic work on a cardio machine. To do Metcons effectively you need to have great movement patterns and be able to make the movements sustainable. There are sport-specific reasons why someone might do Metcons too.

Sample Metcon:

15 minutes As Many Rounds As Possible @ sustained pace

5 Thrusters

5 Burpees

10 cal Airbike

Ready to add some of these different aerobic workouts to your exercise program? Find an OPEX Gym near you and schedule an assessment with an OPEX Coach who can help guide you on the best kind of aerobic workout for your individual goals.

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