The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

Over the past 20 years, the OPEX method was developed through the coaching experience of our Founder, James Fitzgerald. James has worked with thousands of clients in both personal training and group fitness environments, and eventually created his own approach to fitness by blending the positives of these two worlds. He has educated thousands of coaches in the OPEX method, and they’re now sharing results, relationships, and fun with their clients around the world.

Personal training can be a highly effective approach for a number of reasons. You get one-on-one attention, a workout that is designed just for you, and the individual accountability of a trainer. On the other hand, personal training can be upwards of $100 per hour and lacks flexibility.

Group fitness works because the fun training environment, strong community and expert coaches are highly motivating, and the functional fitness exercises can be highly beneficial for the right person. However, a one-size-fits-all approach just can’t account for the unique training goals, movement quality, lifestyle and limitations of every individual.

We take the positives and address the shortcomings of these traditional fitness models, to give you the best experience in fitness, period.

The OPEX method includes regular consultations and assessments, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and metrics and results tracking. By delivering your daily workout through a state-of-the-art app, OPEX is also travel-friendly, and many of our coaches work with clients who travel regularly.

The OPEX method is the best of both worlds–a personalized approach to fitness that teaches you to take ownership of your health, with the support of a network of inspired clients and coaches around you. Your OPEX program doesn’t stop with your workout–our coaches maximize the other 23 hours in your day so your nutrition, lifestyle, training and mindset are all aligned with your goals.

Results, relationships and fun–you can have it all!

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