Why Personalization Matters

Why Personalization Matters

Why Personalization Matters

Our gyms offer personalized fitness.

We believe this is the key to consistency and achieving your fitness goals.

But why does personalization matter? 

Personalized Fitness Defined

Personalized fitness is an exercise experience tailored to you. It includes an exercise program designed with your goals and schedule in mind, a designated coach that will guide your journey, and a community gym environment.

Why Does Personalized Fitness Matter?

You're different from everyone around you. You have different genetics, a different background, daily schedule, and fitness goals.

So to achieve your goals in the gym, your fitness needs to be crafted around your unique needs. Not only will you see better results, but it will also be more enjoyable and sustainable for years to come.

But what does personalization actually look like? Here’s how our gyms personalize the start, middle, and end of your fitness journey.

The Start

The start of your fitness journey is unique. As soon as you step foot into an OPEX Gym, you will be assigned your coach. This is where the personalization begins. From here, they will consult your goals and assess your abilities. 

Your coach wants to understand where you’re starting from and where you want to go. Then, they will design a bespoke training program to take you there.

The Middle

Along your journey, you will constantly communicate with your coach both in person and via the CoachRx app. From here, your coach will adapt your program based on your current schedule and needs. You will also perform fitness monitoring exercises to track your progress. 

Personalization here will keep you consistent and ensure that every week you receive the perfect balance of challenge and support.

The End

Your personalized experience continues well after you hit your initial fitness goals. 

That’s because fitness isn’t only about the next 6 months. Fitness is for life.

We want to support you for a lifetime and help you move every day. Whether you want to run a 10K or find balance between your workouts and family, your OPEX Coach will personalize your program around your needs and goals.

Start Your Personalized Journey

Fitness can be challenging.

It’s not easy to be consistent, choose what exercises to do, eat well, and manage life outside of the gym.

So make it easier on yourself and let someone else sweat the details.

Start your personalized fitness journey at an OPEX Gym today. ⁠

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