A Daily Schedule for Fitness Success

A Daily Schedule for Fitness Success

A Daily Schedule for Fitness Success

A Daily Schedule for Fitness Success

To reach your fitness goals you need to take small steps towards them day in and day out. 

A great way to take those steps is to create a daily schedule that includes behaviors that get you closer to your goals.

But what does that daily schedule look like?

Here are 5 daily behaviors that will help you reach your goals.

1) Wake Up and Fall Asleep at The Same Time

The first behavior is to wake up and fall asleep at the same time every day. This will develop a consistent sleep pattern. Your circadian rhythm, your body’s internal clock, thrives on consistency.

After developing this habit you will soon notice that you do not need an alarm clock to wake up. Your body will naturally wake up around the same time every day. In the evening, you will notice you begin to feel tired at the same time. Honoring this rhythm will develop consistent energy patterns, healthy hormones, and better recovery.

2) Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the Same Time

Next, eat your meals at the same time every day. The body thrives on consistency and the digestive system is no different.

Eating at the same time every day will help develop consistent energy levels. It will also help you plan meals because you will know when you are eating and the types of food that support great energy.

3) Take a Daily Morning Walk

Another great addition to your daily routine is a morning walk. This is one of our favorite ways to add movement to your daily schedule. We also find that this is a valuable time to unplug and either be present or plan the upcoming day.

If you live in a cold climate we know that the mornings can be frigid. So try walking after lunch or when you get home from work. Finally, if needed substitute a walk outside with some type of indoor movement practice like yoga or riding a stationary bike.

4) Start Your Day with 16oz of Water

We often find that new clients do not drink enough water. So start your day by drinking 16oz of water. 

To accomplish this try leaving a glass of water or a water bottle on your nightstand or in your kitchen. That way once you wake up the water is already present and it is easy for you to decide to drink it.

Starting the day with 16oz of water will help you stay mentally acute, feel full, and reach your goal of consuming half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

5) Move Every Day

Lastly, schedule daily movement. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the key to reaching your goals is taking steps towards them every day. So schedule a time to move every day.

This movement can be a resistance training session in an OPEX Gym, a walk with your family, a bike ride with friends, or a bodyweight cardio workout at home. But regardless of the type of exercise you choose, the most important thing is that you move every day. We see the best compliance when clients choose a consistent time to exercise, whether it be in the morning or evening.

A Daily Schedule for Fitness Success

When you execute all of these behaviors consistently you will be on the path to reaching your fitness goals. More importantly, you will develop consistency and rhythm that will make maintaining those goals just as easy.

Struggling to find consistency in your fitness routine? Find an OPEX Gym near you and one of our qualified coaches will work with you one on one to develop a consistent routine that works for you.

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