Practical Ways to Increase Daily Movement

Practical Ways to Increase Daily Movement

Practical Ways to Increase Daily Movement

Modern life is sedentary.

We sit in our cars on the way to work, just sit at our desks all day. Then we drive home and sit down to watch television to unwind.

The sedentary nature of modern society makes it tough to incorporate a lot of movement into daily life.

But we need movement. Daily movement keeps our body functioning properly. So to help you fight against the sedentary design of modern life, here are some practical ways to increase your daily movement.

7 Ways to Increase Daily Movement

1) Bookend Your Day With Walks

One way to add more movement into your day is to start and end your day with a walk. This type of movement is great because it gets your blood flowing, activates your aerobic system, and can help relieve stress. It also enables you to get vitamin D from the sun, which contributes to proper hormone function.

2) Park Further Away

If you’re like us, chances are you have to drive to the store multiple times a week. Next time you go, we challenge you to park further away than you usually would. This will force you to walk further to the store. If you do this multiple times a week or even a day, the extra steps will add up quickly.

3) At-Home Yoga

At-home yoga is a way you can add more movement to your day. There are numerous online subscription services and thousands of free classes on Youtube that you can choose from. Choose a class and set up a space in your bedroom or living room for a quick class. Yoga can help you recover from a tough workout and relieve stress.

4) Take a Post-Lunch Walk

Our personal favorite way to add more movement into our day is to go for a walk post-lunch. A short walk after you eat helps break up the day and adds in gentle movement. 

It also helps you get more vitamin D, can help relieve stress, and prevent the post-lunch slump. Invite co-workers to come with you. This will make it more enjoyable and help foster healthy choices in your community.

5) Take Walking Meetings & Calls

While on the topic of walking with co-workers, see if you can make some of those meetings/calls on your calendars walking events. If the meeting does not require a computer, walking and talking can be a great way to find creativity and work through complex issues with your colleagues.

6) Take the Stairs

We challenge you to take the stairs when possible. Taking the stairs will not only force you to walk more, it can often be quicker than waiting for the elevator.

7) Do a Cooldown Walk or Bike

After you finish your workout, go on a cooldown walk around the block or ride the Assault Bike at a leisurely pace for 5 - 10 minutes. Cooling down will get your body temperature back to normal and help you add in some bonus movement for the day.

Find Creative Ways to Increase Your Daily Movement

The best way to increase your daily movement depends on your schedule and preferences.

That’s why we recommend working with a coach.

A coach will look at your day and your preferences. Then they will make recommendations for simple ways you can add movement throughout your day. Find an OPEX Gym near you today and work with a coach to find daily movement that supports your fitness goals.

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