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OPEX Gyms Client: Tina Haupert | Here’s What Happened

OPEX Gyms Client: Tina Haupert
Here’s What Happened

OPEX Gyms Client: Tina Haupert

I Trained At OPEX For 2 Months & Here’s What Happened

Health and Fitness blogger Tina Haupert has always been active within the fitness industry, but had never tried an OPEX Gym.

“I initially started at OPEX [South Shore] after dealing with a number of injuries due to muscle imbalances and scoliosis . . .  Obviously, I love CrossFit, but the workouts are created for a class, and I really needed something more personalized if I wanted to deal with my (ugh, frequent) injuries and imbalances, and this is where OPEX South Shore came in.” Tina wrote in her blog, Carrots N Cake. You can read about Tina’s full experience here.

OPEX Gyms are a more personalized approach to fitness than standard group class gyms. Each client gets their own designated coach who conducts an initial consultation and assessment, then creates a training program around their personal needs and goals.

“OPEX is big on testing, so this initial assessment was my starting point for working together. Typically, clients complete their InBody assessment monthly and fitness assessment as needed – it just depends on the client. I ended up pushing out my assessments to the 2-month mark because “I didn’t think I’d see much change.” Well, to my surprise, I saw quite a bit of change!”

These monthly check-ins ensure that you are tracking towards your goals and give you the opportunity to speak with your coach in a private one-on-one setting to ensure your experience aligns with your goals. This personalization is the backbone of OPEX Gyms and is what makes us unique.


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