Sustainable Fitness

Sustainable Fitness

Sustainable Fitness

In an OPEX Gym your personalized program doesn’t just begin and end at the gym doors. A truly sustainable program must align movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. Enter the OPEX Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs), simple lifestyle behaviors that set a solid foundation for your training.

  1. Balance: There are 24 hours in a day, apply work and rest appropriately.
  2. Energy: Sleep with the moon, rise with the sun. You can’t cheat biology!
  3. Rhythm: Water, movement, and proper digestion are essential daily routines.
  4. Purpose: You will one day die, get over it and get living!  

When honored through consistent daily practices, the BLGs have a drastic impact on health and vitality. Our coaches help you create this consistency by starting with small but sustainable behaviors to help you balance stress, manage energy, establish rhythm and discover your purpose.

Examples of BLGs as programmed by an OPEX Coach could include:

  1. Balance: Take 10 belly breaths every hour to calm your nervous system.
  2. Energy: Go to bed at the same time every day.
  3. Rhythm: Get 10,000 steps daily.
  4. Purpose: Write down 3 things you’re grateful for before bed.

When you understand what Balance, Energy, Rhythm, and Purpose mean within your life, it becomes simple to determine whether your actions are supporting or undermining your goals. Your OPEX Coach will guide you to healthy behaviors, but it is their ultimate mission to educate you to become self-sufficient.

When making a decision, just ask yourself, does this fit my BLGs? Will this bring me closer to Balance, or will it throw me off kilter? In time, all of your daily actions will align to support these four pillars.

The fitness industry has distorted working out by framing it as something you ‘should’ do to make up for poor lifestyle choices. At OPEX Gyms, we honor movement by recognizing that it lives within the BLGs.

Rather than using exercise as a means to an end - to look or feel a certain way - your OPEX Coach will help you integrate it into your daily life, just like cleaning your teeth. Daily movement will then become a non-negotiable part of living a larger, fulfilled life. Creativity and personalization are key here because for true sustainability movement must be woven into your unique lifestyle.

Sustainable fitness means making it a part of you. Find your Balance, Energy, Rhythm and Purpose, and you’ll find your fitness. Start this journey today at an OPEX gym near you. (LINK TO FIND A GYM)

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