Assess, Don’t Guess.

Assess, Don’t Guess.

Assess, Don’t Guess.

Your fitness journey at OPEX begins with an assessment. The OPEX Body. Move. Work. (BMW) assessment allows your coach to develop a clear understanding of your starting point, so they can design a program that meets you where you’re at.

Over three sessions, your coach will assess three key areas:

  1. Body.

Simple body composition tests help your coach design a personalized nutrition plan that will help you reach your goals. Regular check-ins ensure progress is trending in the right direction and changes can be made as needed.

An example of an OPEX Body assessment is a scan to show lean mass. This data can help your coach determine your protein intake, to ensure you’re eating to support recovery and growth.

  1. Move.

Your OPEX coach will use a four-level OPEX Move screen to assess your quality of movement, from head to toe. By understanding your movement patterns, core stability and base of strength, your coach can then design a resistance training program that prioritizes your weaknesses and keeps you safe.

An example of an OPEX Move assessment is a step-up. This seemingly simple test gives your coach insight into your core, knee and foot stability, hip and ankle mobility, glute function and left/right asymmetries.

  1. Work.

An initial work capacity assessment will inform your coach of your fitness program’s starting point. You will retest on a semi-regular basis, giving you clear goals to work towards and be accountable to.

An example of an OPEX Work assessment is 10 minutes on an airbike for calories. Your coach will use this result to design your aerobic training and will retest over time to make sure your aerobic capacity is improving.

Everyone who walks into an OPEX Gym has different strengths and weaknesses, so the assessment is an essential first step to designing personalized workouts, lifestyle, and nutrition.  Fitness programs that don’t assess are just guesswork, and you deserve a program that is tailored to you. Find an OPEX Gym near you and experience the personalized difference.

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