Always Seek Progress

Always Seek Progress

Always Seek Progress

Have you ever stopped to consider if what you’re doing is truly moving you forward, or if you’re just doing it out of routine or convenience? With a busy work schedule and a laundry list of responsibilities, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm and not stop to think whether your daily actions are aligning with your goals in life.

Nowhere does this apply more than in your workouts and nutrition. Often times, it is hard to connect what you are doing today to how it will affect your health in the long run, because the consequences take time to manifest. So, you keep doing what you’re doing, and never really connect a lack of results to your daily actions.

OPEX Gyms strive to always seek progress for their clients, by never allowing complacency to set in. Regular feedback, through assessments and consultation, ensures that your program progresses with your life.

Your coach will regularly retest your baseline to make sure your fitness, movement quality, and body composition are moving towards your goals. This data keeps you committed to your program, and your coach committed to your results.

Monthly consultations allow you and your coach to sit down and reflect on the intent of your workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle. By having a clear understanding of your goals and your definition of fitness, your coach can design a program that always aligns with this.

OPEX Coaches have the education and passion to analyze why you might be feeling ‘stuck’, and make changes to the program as needed to ensure progress. Because fitness looks different for every single client in an OPEX Gym, we don’t prescribe to dogma. What works for you, might not work for your friend. What works today, might not work in a couple of months.

Take a moment and consider whether you are truly getting the results you want from your fitness program, or if you’re just sticking with it out of inertia. By approaching your workouts with a growth mindset, rather than being wed to a specific style of fitness, you will never stop growing in an OPEX Gym.

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