Welcome to OPEX Gyms

Welcome to OPEX Gyms

Welcome to OPEX Gyms

Welcome to OPEXGyms.com, connecting our worldwide network of OPEX Gyms, and the coaches and clients that train within them.

United by a constant desire for growth, our people have sought out a workout program that honors their individuality and moves with their lifestyle. In OPEX Gyms, fitness is defined by the individual and their priorities. Our expert coaches then craft personalized fitness programs that align with each client's unique definition, mapping a path for lifelong growth.

Fitness doesn’t begin and end at the gym doors. OPEX coaches create truly sustainable change for their clients by thinking beyond the workout. Through one-to-one consultation, they teach nutrition, lifestyle and mindset practices that meet you where you’re at. OPEX Gyms are transforming the fitness industry through this education and empowerment, delivered through a coach-client relationship that provides a careful balance of challenge and support.

OPEX Gyms go to the root cause and design behaviors that support vitality. No more quick fixes, templated programs, or bandaids slapped on poor lifestyles. OPEX Gyms share a common goal: to create the best experience in fitness, period.

Are you ready to discover your definition of a fulfilled life through fitness? Click here to find an OPEX Gym near you.

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